The 25 finalists for the 2021 USA Mullet Championships have been revealed and while Minnesota has one glorious representative, Wisconsin leads the way with 5 finalists!

Take a look at all of the finalists below and see if you can possibly find one favorite when there are so many amazing variations of a hairstyle that will never, and should never, go out of style.

I think you'll agree, they all win.

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Behold The 25 Finalists In The 2021 USA Mullet Championships!

Business in front, party in the back. That is the mullet way of life and in the 80's, they reached their peak. However, they have by no means disappeared and we should all be thankful for that.

You never know where you'll see a mullet next, but they're always a sight to behold. That is why it's so great that the USA Mullet Championships exist.

Here are the 25 finalists for the award, which feature amazing originality and ingenuity. Wisconsin leads the way with 5 finalists hailing from the state, while Minnesota has one representative.

Can't they all win?

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