If you have kids, chances are they'll get something in their hair at some point.

One of those things that kids play with - and, stand a chance of ending up in their hair - is Silly Putty.  Silly Putty is fun, flexible, and squishy.  One of the selling points to parents is that it doesn't stick to much of anything - apply it to a table or a wall and it comes right off with no damage done.  That principal unfortunately doesn't apply to hair.

If you should ever need to get Silly Putty out of someone's hair - here are some steps to help:

  • First, don't panic.  You'll get it out.  Panicking just makes the situation worse and often leads to the Silly Putty getting stuck more than it already is.
  • Assess the situation.  Try to pull as much of it off as possible - while holding the hair in place so that you don't hurt the person by tugging the hair out of their scalp.
  • Baby oil is your friend.  Applying baby oil to the wad of Silly Putty and hair and gently kneading it is the way you'll get the stuff out.  Be patient.  It will take time.  But the Baby Oil will allow the hair to separate from the Silly Putty.