This is pretty awesome. Mullets have been making a comeback in recent years. Actually, have they ever really completely gone out of style? To celebrate the business in front and party in the back hairstyle, a national contest was created. The USA Mullet Championships crowns a mullet winner each year in different categories. Two finalists in the kids category are from Minnesota & Wisconsin.

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The categories are the 2022 Open Mullet Division, Teen Mullet Division, and Kids' Mullet Division. You can vote for the finalists online through August 19, so make sure to get your vote in right away.

Minnesota's Mullet Championship finalist is Callen Steinbrink from Austin Minnesota. He's the best thing to come from there since SPAM! He's rocking spikes on top, a shaved side, a dirty style straight no curl down the back. Looking slick, kid.

Wisconsin has two kids' finalists. Emmit's ready to party with his Pit Viper shades, and awesome mullet that features a mohawk up top, and fiery curls in the back. You're going places, dude. Way to represent Menomonie, Wisconsin!

Finally, we have Axel who is from Brillion, Wisconsin. He's got an adorable smile, and the mullet is just the icing on the cake for this future heartbreaker. He's got a unicorn forward swoop, a tight side cut, and flowing golden curls.

You can see all the other finalists and their mullets in the online contest.  Be sure to vote for your favorite by August 19. Minnesota & Wisconsin have shown up in years past, and we need the MidWest to keep representing!

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