Starting later this month Wisconsin residents will be able to sign up for an appointment to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. The first two weeks of this month administrators will be working on making sure that the program is running smoothly and hopes to launch the site in 10 Wisconsin communities beginning Feb. 15.

This particular program will work in the same way as the states COVID Connect website which was used to process COVID-19 testing across the state. Residents wishing to get the vaccine will be asked to fill out some questions including their age and profession to determine their eligibility. The site will offer information on clinics around the state for them to register for an appointment.

With individual states having to take on the roll of who and where the vaccinations will take place the first round was given to healthcare workers on the front lines and as of late the state is also vaccinating first responders, police and fire personnel, corrections workers, and adults over 65. There are hopes that this list of eligible people will be expanded on March 1.

Deputy Health Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said:

If you're not eligible yet, the system will put you on a waiting list. You'll be notified when you are eligible and you can go back into the system and schedule your appointment. Right now we just don't have enough vaccine and so many of (the vaccination sites) will be working much fewer days or shorter hours than they may be able to work, because the vaccine supply is limited.

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Given the fact that these vaccines are in such short supply as of right now even when residents do get registered there may continue to be long wait times in order to get the actual vaccine. In the meantime it is important for everyone to continue to follow proper protocols to help slow down the spread of the virus.

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