I remember when COVID-19 vaccines were first talked about and developed. Then the testing happened, and then emergency FDA approval, and finally fully approved by the FDA. I decided early on that I would get my vaccine when ready. I've never really been one to even get the yearly influenza vaccine, but with the pandemic raging I decided I would get my COVID-19 jab.

I got the Pfizer vaccine. When I got the first dose I didn't even feel the needle. To be clear, I'm not afraid of needles. I just expected to feel this one much more. Three weeks later I got my booster shot and didn't feel much again. Both the following days I had a very mild sore arm.

Then just last week (months later) I realized that you could get your yearly flu shot, and I figured what the heck, I'll get one this year. So I scheduled my appointment.

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I showed up yesterday and got my flu shot, and let me tell you, it was a sharper more painful experience than the Pfizer Covid Vaccine. Within an hour my arm hurt more than it did with the other shots. By the next morning it felt like I got a punch in the arm. Still, it wasn't bad, but I sure felt it more.

I'd get both vaccines again. If you've been worried about getting the covid-19 shot, it's no worse than the flu in terms of pain. The second day after my booster shot I was a little tired, but that was it.

I know everyone else has had different experiences with the shots, and this is just in my case.


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