Trampled By Turtles the super popular band from Duluth are following the same protocol as many artists have with requiring fans attending their live shows to have proof of vaccinations or proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test. Dave Simonett posted a statement on their Instagram page in response to a picture of a fan holding a sign that said " Trampled By Tyranny."

Some of their recent shows with artist Wilco had the COVID policy in place in order for fans to be able to attend the show, and Simonett went on Instagram to explain why the policy was in place, also saying "He doesn't feel like he should have to spell this out."

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According to Bring Me The News Simonett went on to say:

Everyone in our business was just out of work for a long time. Everyone. Bands, crews, managers, booking agents, venues, sound companies, catering companies, security companies, beer vendors, cleaning companies…too many to list. Now we’ve all been able to go back to work which is wonderful. However, if people start getting COVID at concerts, it all gets shut down for us yet again. Trust me, I can’t wait to not give a s*** about your personal health care choices once again. But you are adults. If you don’t like the request then don’t go to concerts for the time being. Easy as that.

I feel for anyone in this position, of course they do not want to have to be hall monitors for there fans, but he has a great point if he or any of their crew members get COVID-19 everything will come to a screeching halt. If you want to go to a show and be surrounded by hundreds or thousand of people and you choose not to get vaccinated, then you need to do the right thing and get tested for the health and safety of everyone around you. Don't like it? Then stay home, end of story!

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