The Port of Duluth-Superior is the largest, farthest inland freshwater port in the world. Considering the geography, it's no surprise that the Duluth-Superior Harbor needs to be dredged from time-to-time as part of the routine maintenance process.  The bid to perform this maintenance for 2018 was recently awarded to a Wisconsin company for almost $2 million.

Roen Salvage Company - from Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin - will receive $1,933,500 for the job to dredge approximately 150,000 cubic yards of material from the harbor, depositing it at the 40th Avenue West placement site.  The work is expected to start in August and should be finished by mid-November.

The dredging process maintains that the Duluth-Superior Harbor can remain open for commercial shipping traffic.  A beneficial byproduct of the process provides good-quality fill dirt for land projects; this soil will specifically be used in the restoration of 40th Avenue West.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Detroit District - awarded the bid to Roen Salvage Company; the Detroit District is charged with maintaining the Duluth-Superior Harbor as part of their usual workflow.  The Duluth-Superior Harbor is one of 91 harbors and four connecting channels that that office maintains.


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