I watched the World Cup matches over the weekend and they all chant and sing in the stands. I wondered, what are they saying?

I don't know, really, I want to know. It all sounds the same to me. I know they are singing words, I just can't understand them. They also all sound the same. If they are chanting that they want their country to win, or some kind of historic chant their forefathers used to sing, I'm not getting it!!

Or is there a song you have to chant when you go to soccer games? Maybe it's a song I don't get and they are chanting it. After all, they all used that stupid horn at the last Brazilian World Cup. Everyone was annoyed by it, you know the one I mean. Everyone has one now, the buglethingy (might not be it's real name but that is what I am calling it).

So I am including some chanting in this blog, see if you can figure it out.


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