July 12th was named "Pay Your Age Day" by Build-A-Bear Workshops across the United States hoping for a big sales day, well they got their wish.

A mall in New Jersey had to shut down because the lines and traffic were so bad. Parents were waiting in lines that lasted for longer than 6 hours. The store was forced to shut down the promotion and some, their stores due to running out of product and are offering vouchers through their club program.

Here's what was sent out to members and people on their mailing list.

Chris Allen email from Build-a-Bear
Chris Allen email from Build-a-Bear

According to Build-A-Bear, all you have to do is log into your Build-A-Bear account by midnight on Sunday, July 15th. Click to print or screenshot the voucher. One voucher per account, and must be used by August 31st of this year.

Build-A-Bear reps are suggesting those that do take advantage of the voucher deal wait a few weeks before heading back to the store so they can avoid the rush, and to let the stores "build" up their product again.

Here's how bad it was at the Miller Hill Mall location:

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