The Douglas County Highway Department is forewarning drivers who utilize County Highway C at State Highway 35 about a road closure that is expected to last the remainder of the road construction season.  The route will be closed starting at 7:00 AM on Monday, September 10 and will remain closed through 5:00 PM on Wednesday, October 31.

The closure is related to the removal of the Soo Line Bridge that crosses just past the intersection at State Highway 35.  Drivers will need to use an alternate route.

Douglas County has had a busy and productive summer road construction season - working on a variety of projects.  To learn more about the work that the Highway Department does, click here to visit their website.  That's where you will find a clearinghouse of information. If you are in need of more information in regards to the County Highway 6/State Highway 35 road closure or the Soo Line Bridge removal, call 715-374-2575.


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