You may want to reconsider when you do your back-to-school shopping this summer.  As part of a program introduced by Governor Scott Walker, the state of is returning budgetary surpluses to taxpayers.  Along with a $100-per-child tax refund, Walker has also rolled out a Back-To-School Sales Tax Holiday - happening August 1 through August 5.

During those five days, back-to-school shoppers can maximize their purchases by seeing state taxes waived on qualifying purchases.  According to Governor Scott Walkers website, here's how it will work:

Wisconsin sales tax will be waived for everyone on purchases of school-related expenses, including clothing under $75, computers under $750, school computer supplies under $250, and school supplies under $75 from August 1-5, 2018.

Officials with the Wisconsin Department of Revenue anticipate that the impact will be huge for families with school-age children.  According to their estimations, the five day sales tax holiday will generate approximately $14.8 million in tax relief.

Wisconsin taxpayers are also in line to receive money back from their utility companies - due to the new calculations brought on by the Federal tax table changes introduced in Washington, D.C. introduced by President Donald Trump.



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