Wisconsin parents will have a little extra cash this summer.  Legislation signed by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will allow parents the option of signing up for a one-time $100 per child tax refund. The money will come in addition to an extension of the annual Sales Tax Holiday.

Starting in May, parents that reside in Wisconsin will be able to sign up for the refund on a website that is still being developed.  The sign up dates will run May 15 to July 2.  Individuals will be able to apply for $100 per each child that they claim on their Wisconsin State Income Tax form; Specifically, the children will need to have been younger than the age of 18 on December 30, 2017; additionally, they must be United States citizens.  According to news reports, an estimated 671,000 families are anticipated to apply for the refunds, with 1.22 million children meeting the specified requirements. The checks themselves will arrive later in the summer.

This years annual Sales Tax Holiday will occur over the course of five days - running August 1 - 5.  The event has become one that many look forward to - with some people holding off on major purchases to maximize the benefits.

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