The rumor mill was flowing earlier this month as locals in Winona Minnesota were trying to piece together what was going on as a film crew was in town. Bits and pieces of information were shared that it was for some type of a commercial that is going to run during the Superbowl and Winona Ryder may or may not have been spotted darting out of a building.

Well now it is official that yes it was her and yes it is for a commercial during the Superbowl, a tech company called Squarespace. Of course as many of you may know I have a soft spot for the place since I went to college there for 4 years and I have to tell you the people there are the salt of the earth. Yes it is a big college town and looking back I could see why some locals may not welcome the students with open arms, but in my experience it was a beautiful friendship. Check out the video below for some interesting insight from Winona herself and some pretty funny comments from the locals and college students.

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