The celebrity sightings in Duluth continue. There have been quite a few as of late and the latest comes courtesy of a famous television and movie star who has been in a bunch of hits.

This is not the first time a celebrity has visited Duluth. Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor Joel McKinnon Miller was recently in the area and a lucky fan ran into him while on the UMD campus. The two snapped a photo and he even shared it on his own account.

This might seem random but the television star actually went to UMD back in the day. He studied theater and opera there and after a bit of a hiatus from school, officially graduated back in 2007. Apparently, he still comes back to help with the program.

Country stars are also spotted around town. Lainey Wilson was recently in town for a show and beforehand, she ventured out into the venue only to find a big super fan with a tattoo of her face on his arm!

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Now, another star is gracing us with their presence in Duluth! This time around, that star is Katie Lowes. She has been in a bunch of really famous television shows, including Scandal, Grey's Anatomy and the spinoff Private Practice. She was most recently in a massive Netflix smash called Inventing Anna. She also had a role on This Is Us, which I have never watched because I don't want to cry. Ha!

She has also starred in a bunch of really popular movies like Super 8 and voiced characters in Wreck-It Ralph and Zootopia. Not to mention, she has had roles in long-running crime shows like NCIS, The Sopranos and Without A Trace. Needless to say, she has quite the extensive resume.

No matter which role you know her from, it's pretty cool to have a star right here in Duluth. I first caught wind of her time in Duluth when I saw that Duluth Candy Co. shared a photo of her in the store!

They shared the photo on Tuesday (May 31st). The star is seen happily posing along with the owner, whose rocking a Duluth Candy Co. shirt. They called it a surprise visit which means she was likely just shopping around the area and decided to pop in.

It seems like the owner is a big fan of the star so that makes this photo op even cooler! So why exactly is she in Duluth? It is a good bet to say she is here filming, as there is a movie shooting in downtown Duluth right now.

The film is called Merry Kiss Cam and has been filming over the past few days at iconic Duluth spots in the area. FOX 21 reports that a few of the spots they are shooting at include the new Apostle Supper Club, which just opened last month, and Carmody Irish Pub. Mainstream Fashions for Men and a few other local places downtown will also be featured in the film.

So what is this already epic film about? CBS 3 reports that it is a romantic comedy about two people from "different worlds" who get put on the kiss cam at a hockey game. This has all the makings of an iconic movie if you ask me.

As of now, there is no word on just what role Katie Lowes plays in the film. I would bet she is half of the duo that falls in love, given the fact that she is a big name! We will have to wait and see when more information about the movie, including a release date, is announced.

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