A man named Matthew Nunez wanted to film himself in an abandoned building in Milwaukee, so by using a ladder he was able to climb up the building and enter through the roof. Now, most people realize they might run into some weird stuff left behind, but a body? Absolutely not. Nunez immediately called the police when he discovered a body in a small bedroom above what used to be the Genesis Missionary Baptist Church many years ago.

According to a neighbor the building has been abandoned for at least 15-16 years. When police arrived they could see that the deceased was mostly skeletonized at this point in time. They have no idea how long the body presumed to be a male was in that bedroom. Dellareese Williams. lives right around the corner from the building and said to FOX6:

Then to find out that it was someone deceased in there that had been away from their family and missing for God knows how long that’s really the heartbreaking part. Man, someone’s family now can possibly get closure also they can begin to grieve.

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The person was wearing a large winter coat and athletic pants. He also had a total of five rings on his fingers and some tattoos were still visible. So far the medical examiner has not been able to identify the body and police are going through missing person files as well.

What a sad scenario for the end of this person's life who has been in that abandoned building for who knows how long with the only access to the building being from the roof. Hopefully, he will be identified soon so the family can have some closure.

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