I went to the Minnesota Vikings Game against Denver. First of all if you have a back pack with anything in it, you have to go to entrance "C" and get it checked. That being said, I went to enjoy the game. My family and I watched the first quarter and that's when our 2 year old started getting restless, wanting to go home. So I suggested getting popcorn, and candy. Plus, my Sam smelled like a sewer (or like the Vikings have been playing like.)

So, off we headed to the bathroom to change the butt and get our treats. After waiting in line for 15 minutes we ordered our 9,000 gallon tub of popcorn, candy and 4 20 oz. drinks. They take the caps off the bottles and that's how you have to take them. Well, I watched the woman next to me spill 2 of her sodas trying to carry them on a tray made to take cups. I asked why we couldn't have the caps. She said, "Metrodome policy.....I don't know". Ummmm....that didn't sit well with me. Now I have a 2 year old that wants to take off on his own, a tub of popcorn, candy, a backpack with diaper changing stuff in it and this stupid drink carrier that can't carry these drinks.

I made it across the way to a garbage can and with the help of a nice woman, got Sam back in the fold and text my wife there was no way I would make it.

I talked about it on the KOOL 101.7 morning show and got the answer I wanted, but it doesn't make sense. She said, we can't have caps because people throw the caps on the field and it is a danger to the refs and the players. Ok, I have a funny answer for that one.....hire better refs...just kidding, it's a hard enough job without caps flying at you. I thought to myself, wait, if I wanted to get the attention of a ref I would throw the whole bottle, or my popcorn tub!!!  Are they going to outlaw bottles next? I found out they outlawed the cups? So, if the cups for pop are outlawed, why can you get a cup for beer? Those drunks will throw anything at you, I know, I've been one of those drunks!!!

I've come to the conclusion that the person that made that rule would have to walk a section in our shoes in order to see that rule is stupid. The question I have for them is, if I paid 4$ for a 20 oz. bottle, could you take 1$ off for keeping my cap? Let us have the freakin' caps, or start selling adult sippy cups, so we can carry them back to the seats. Another suggestion, if you take off the caps, give us a tray that isn't circa 1975 for 20 oz. bottles so that we can carry those bottles.

Anyone else as outraged as me?

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