Now that we are getting in the thick of things and more snow is coming your way, pay attention to how close you are to the car in front of you

I get it, you want to get to work on time in the morning. Take the extra 5 minutes on your commute and slow down and give at least a couple of car lengths between you and them. Especially if you are on the highway. If you are that worried about getting to work on time, leave a little early from home, don't make the person in front of you pay the price for you leaving late.

The highway is where I encounter it most. I am in the right lane, and this person can easily pass me, but they choose to ride close to me to get me to speed up. Ok, while I am voicing my opinion, my biggest tailgating pet peeve is when I am in the passing lane, going faster than the speed limit in order to pass a car that is going a little slow, and this person will tail me in order to get me to go faster. No, I will not. I am not going to get a speeding ticket because you want to go faster, be patient and wait till I make the pass, then you can go as fast as NASCAR racers go.

On two separate occasions in the past week, I watched other drivers put others in danger with their driving. Both instances involved the other driver tailgating me or another driver and then trying to bolt out to pass when the roads were clearly slick. One of the other drivers actually fishtailed after passing me.

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I'm not driving slow for entertainment purposes, I am not sightseeing on the interstate. I'm doing it so when I have to brake, I don't have to slide dangerously to a stop. I would like to avoid a situation where I'm praying I don't slam into the person in front of me.

Safelite says, in good conditions, you should have a  three-second following distance. When you’re driving in poor weather, you should allow for even more space so you don’t wind up slamming on the brakes on a slick road.

So please, if someone is taking it slow in front of you on the roads, don't be the person who is driving right behind them and making things uncomfortable and dangerous.

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