The City of Duluth has announced that portions of Skyline Parkway and Seven Bridges Road will be closed to motorized traffic beginning Tuesday, December 1.

This is a planned closure and one that happens annually for the winter season.  The roads will once again be opened to motorized traffic once spring returns to the Northland.

According to the City, the portions of roads closing for the winter include:

  • Skyline Parkway from 0.4 miles east of Glenwood Street to Maxwell Road
  • Seven Bridges Road from Lakeview Chalet to Maxwell Road
  • Maxwell Road from Skyline Parkway to Oak Street
  • Skyline Parkway from 0.3 miles south of 100th Avenue West to the city limits.

The first three road segments are located at the east end of Skyline Parkway, generally from the Lakeview Chalet on Seven Bridges Road to the Hawk Ridge overlook. The last-named segment is at the extreme western end of Skyline Parkway beyond Spirit Mountain, reaching the city limits.

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With snow back in play in the Northland, roads across the area can turn challenging in a hurry.  If you're planning on heading out in Minnesota, and there is a chance for snow anywhere along the way, it's a great idea to keep the Minnesota 511 App handy.

This free app, which is available through the Apple Store and Google Play, will give updates on road conditions across Minnesota.  It also provides updates on any accidents you may encounter along the way and it even provides camera shots of road conditions in various areas.  You can also click on the button be to view this information online.

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