The Big Game is this Sunday, and I hear who people are betting on to win, and how much money is being wagered. But how does it break down state by state? did its own poll of over 4,000 people and found out exactly who wants who to win. Obviously, if you live in the west, you are most familiar with the San Francisco 49ers and will probably cheer for them. You would think after the butt whopping that the Green Bay Packers got, their fans would want to root against them. That's not the case. Minnesota, however, holds a grudge much longer and does not want the bay area to win, and is rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs.

According to, only 17 states want the 49ers to win on Sunday. 33 states want the Cheifs to win, including Tennessee, whose team lost to Kansas City. also polled men and women separately to see how the two teams faired. For the men, 36 states want the Cheifs, 3 were tied, and 11 states want the 49ers. For the women, 19 states picked Kansas City to win, 4 were tied, and 27 were on the side of the 49ers. That's interesting!!!

So who ya got? Kansas City or San Francisco?

House Method used by permission
House Method used by permission

Here's the Methodology Breakdown from the HouseMethod Website:

We surveyed 4,118 Americans in January 2020 asking them who they are rooting for in the Super Bowl: the San Francisco 49ers or the Kansas City Chiefs. The survey respondents were not limited to specific demographics. 48.1% of respondents were women, 51% were men, and 0.9% preferred not to say. We estimate the margin of error at 1%.

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