Thinking about going out on the ice? You better double check and then check again one more time.

That's a message the Brown County Sheriff's Office is trying to get across to their residents and Minnesotans alike, after a vehicle went through the ice Monday (January 27th). To help get the point across, they shared photos of the incident on their Facebook page, along with their warning. Check it out:

Wow! That should definitely be enough to get the point across to people trying to head out on the ice, especially as we have seen somewhat mild conditions recently.

According to other media outlets, the two passengers in the car weren't injured and were able to escape the car unharmed. The owner will have to pay to have it removed from the lake.

The Brown County Sheriff's Office is located in New Ulm, which is located in the southern part of Minnesota. It's still a good message for all Minnesotans this time of year.

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