Chalk one up for Stevie Nicks - loyalty seems to be one of her strong suits!

In a recent interview with Billboard, the rock star answers the question about a memoir with candid grace and a delayed timeline.

The world is not ready for my memoir, I guarantee you. All of the men I hung out with are on their third wives by now, and the wives are all under 30. If I were to write what really happened between 1972 and now, a lot of people would be very angry with me. It'll happen some day, just not for a very long time. I won't write a book until everybody is so old that they no longer care. Like, "I'm 90, I don't care what you write about me."

I am loyal to a fault. And I have a certain loyalty to these people that I love because I do love them, and I will always love them. I cannot throw any of them under the bus until I absolutely know that they will not care.

Personally, the Stevie Nicks "tell-all" book would rank up there with the Nick Patsocki bio of Willie Nelson as a gritty must-read.

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