One of rock music's legendary guitarists was honored with an award named after another one of the genre's great axeman;  Pete Townshend went home from the TEC Awards with the Les Paul Award.

The singer, songwriter, guitarist and member of The Who was given the Les Paul Award at the TEC Awards, which recognize achievement in audio technology and production, acknowledging sound engineers, editors and producers as well as professionals who work in recording, sound and live music.

At the award show, many of rock music's legendary artists helped pay tribute to Townshend.  Paul McCartney - who won the award himself in 1991 - said this via video:

"Isn't it funny. I've never had a chance to stand opposite of you and tell you. I'd probably be too embarrassed. Here's a chance to say what everyone in the room is bound to be thinking, which is that you are just a great monster, man, the way you play that guitar, the way you write. It's fantastic. Congratulations. Getting the Les Paul Award. How cool is that?"

The Tec Awards ended with many of the musicians in attendance performing Townshend's "Let My Love Open The Door";  Pete joined them onstage midway through the song, to the delight of the crowd.


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