Tonight I will be on stage bringing on MYNX, later, The Romantics will be on, all to welcome the main event, Rick Springfield. Rick has done it all. He has had many hit songs, and that's what people know him for. If you could go backstage, what would you say to him?

Maybe this will help, here's a little backround!! Rick started in Australia, yep that's right mate, in the group Zoot. They dreamed big and so did Rick. A few things had to change before he would become the person you know him as. Rick Springfield was born to Eileen and Norman Springthorpe, and was Richard Lewis Springthorpe. So, now you know one thing that changed, his name. He played in many bands in England when his Dad was stationed there. Eventually he replaced the lead singer and guitarist in Zoot.

Rick finally had a solo hit called, "Speak To The Sky", which came in at 14 in the US, and his Album showed up in the top 10. When rumours floated that someone from his record label had purchased all the albums just to have him chart, DJs boycotted his music.

Rick was also acting, and while his music wasn't doing well, that's what he did. Although, most roles were nothing compared to the soap opera job he landed on General Hospital. In 1981 he was offered a roll to play Dr. Noah Drake, meanwhile his "Working Class Dog" album was finished. He and the producer didn't think it was going to do that well, so Rick signed the contract to be on the soap. The single "Jessie's Girl" went to number one, and so did the single. The song made the show more popular, and the show made the song more popular and Rick was touring on the weekends around shooting the show.

Finally Rick was doing what he wanted to do. After he married Barbra Porter, they had children and he took time off to raise them.

Rick has been busy recording and touring again and will Rock The Bay, in Duluth Tonight!!