The gifts are now open and you have a pile of empty boxes and wrapping paper, so what do you do with it? Here is some help with that.  First of all don't burn the paper in you fireplace or even in a fire pit. It's not the most environmentally friendly option, and it can cause buildup that can lead to chimney fires. I'm sure we all know that but I need to put that out there. Remember to keep all of those gift bags and bows for reuse. When I was younger, I never understood that. Now that I am the one buying wrapping supplies, I so get it!

For you DIY people you can shred the wrapping paper and use it for things, like using it for decorative shipping stuffing, mache projects even pet bedding.

WLSSD has a great Disposal guide on how to handle those holiday gift leftovers in the cleanest and best way possible.

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