Quick:  What catalog touts the "green" aspects of their company and then sends out 992-page catalogs printed on heavy card-stock that weigh five-and-a-half pounds through the U.S. Mail?  Restoration Hardware - that's who.

Postal customers who are on the mailing list of Restoration Hardware are starting to receive their copies of the tome - which showcases the wares of the upscale home improvement company.  From bath fixtures to home furnishings, Restoration Hardware offers ideas and products in  their mail-order catalog.

They also offer contradictions.

What's most-puzzling to a lot people that have received the catalog in their mail is the insert that informs people about Restoration Hardware's commitment to being "green".  In big letters, the card says "green is the new black" and brags about the companies commitment to being "green" and also requests that customers recycle the catalog when  they're done.

Industry observers are estimating that the cost to mail one of these catalogs tops $3.



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