It's time for Spring Cleaning!  Chances are - in the midst of those old clothes and broken pieces of furniture, you'll find chemicals, solvents, paints, and the like.  You don't want them anymore and you can't just throw them away;  What do you do with them?

The Western Lake Superior Sanitary District reminds Northlanders that they have the solution to household hazardous waste disposal.  If the label says "flammable", "toxic", corrosive", "poison", or "caution" - you can't just dispose of it in the trash or down the drain.  In addition, items like medical sharps, batteries, and fluorescent light bulbs also pose disposal challenges.

The WLSSD invites you to bring those items to their location for disposal free of charge.

If you're a business owner, the WLSSD also offers options for you.

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