Ten years is a long time that goes by awfully fast; it's easy to file away a decade as something isn't going to happen soon - and then quickly realize that that "tomorrow" is "today".

At the Minnesota Department of Transportation, they're making plans for "tomorrow"  - as they plot out what road projects they'll tackle - both physically and financially - in the future.  The 2020-2029 10-Year Capitol Highway Investment Plan has already been framed - much as you would expect from a governmentally-funded agency; the projects that will we will face have pretty much already been laid out.

So what can we expect in Minnesota?  A quick click to MNDOT's interactive 10-Year Investment Map details out all of the known projects at this point.  Visitors can browse the map, see what highways are scheduled for work, click on the color-coded highways and get detailed information about each project.


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