John Shuster is doing what he does best, staying under the radar and kicking behind the USA Curling National Championships and into the playoffs.

The Olympic Gold Medalist is unbeaten in the round-robin tournament and is defending champion. He wins here he will be back at the World Championships. He secured the number one seed after a huge victory on Wednesday.

John and his team are comfortable with their play and know each other's tendencies and that makes it easier for others to know when one is having an exceptional day, or not playing to their potential.

In his true Olympic fashion, he is staying under the radar and making the moves when he has to. The element of surprise. According to the Team USA curling website, he said he wanted to play well through the week and peek on Friday when the playoffs start, but it looks like right now, no one can beat him.


USA curling has his team as the third-ranked U.S. men’s team, and No. 22 in the world. Team Shuster is made up of John Shuster and Chris Plys, Matt Hamilton, and lead John Landsteiner.



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