Gas Saving Tips, That Don’t Work
OK, so how many times have you heard from your Dad to turn off the A/C to save gas? Don't put your cruise on, or put your cruise on and it will save gas? Does it work? Well, you'd be surprised what does work, and what doesn't, or maybe you won't.
What Makes Gas Prices Rise And Drop
Why is it such a topic of discussion why gas is up one day and down another. I think everyone will say it's simple supply and demand, others will say it's the type of gas. People don't know there is a summer grade and a winter grade.
Thieves Siphoning Gas Across U.S.
You ever siphon gas? I did, once. There were girls involved, so naturally I HAD to meet them. Big problem, no gas. I called a buddy who came over with a can & hose. He had siphoning down to an art, showed me how, and I tried it. Thought I was gonna die! Didn't smoke for a week for fear I'd ignit…