You live in a tourist city with so many things to see and do, What haven't you bothered to go to or haven't been to see?

You can tour a ship, walk along the beach, rent a bike, take a carriage ride, enjoy craft beer from the place that makes it, or take a tour through a mansion.

How many things have you visited in the Twin Ports area? I guess we are taking a little poll here. In the comments below, tell us what you haven't done or completed or visited. Is it because you grew up here and haven't been interested?

Makes you wonder if people that live in the cities we want to go to and visit all these state parks or landmarks ever go to them but come to ours. Do you think the people that live in Washington DC have been to the monuments, or if they just don't want to go?

Here are the things Shari and I haven't been to.

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