Every year on the first day of school, Kevin Scruggs interviews his daughter McKenzie from 1st grade to 12th grade.

Kevin Scruggs had the state of mind to start on the first day of school in 1st grade and remember to keep doing it every year till she graduated.

The part that I think is genius is the fact that she has something to hold on to remember, he has a video scrapbook, and she can show her children too.

This is a collage of cuts from every year, I would be interested in seeing the whole interview from every year to see how she answers some of the same questions. How do the questions change every year? I did like that he put in there the part about her looking for cute boys. That she was looking forward to prom, graduating, and riding the bus for the first time. When she was younger it was playing, then you could tell she was more serious about her hair or makeup.

I liked how he used a song underneath the video, to create the mood. I take pictures of Sam every year just to look at the changes and see how he is growing up.

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