I had the honor of volunteering to sell those cute little red poppy flowers that are traditional seen in May. They are called a “buddy” poppy and the money collected through donations during poppy day, May 4 are used to assist the needy and disabled veterans, their families, widows and orphans of veterans. Here is a bit of background and why you should support this worthy cause.

Poppies were first sold for the benefit of children in France who were in the war torn areas of France and Belgium inspired by a poem from Colonel John McRae entitled, In Flanders Fields.  Which is a war memorial poem about poppies blowing in the wind between the crosses, thus selling of poppy flowers.

It was back in 1923 that VFW's across the nation began selling the poppy flowers on a yearly basis.  The poppy flowers are even more special because they are hand-crafted by disabled and needy Veterans who are paid for their talent in making the flowers.  Add to that fact that it is recognized as a symbol of remembrance for the men who lost their lives or health in defense of our beloved country and you understand the importance of supporting the cause.

I belong to the Carlton VFW's auxiliary and we sold the poppy flowers on May 4th.  However, while I was at the table on Thursday a Veteran came to tell me he would be selling the poppy flowers in the town of Cotton on Friday and Saturday.  You will see the poppy flower sales around the Northland this month leading up to Memorial Day.  Please be generous with your donation and wear your poppy flower in support, proudly.  Thank you!~Cathy Kates

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