At 67 years old Cindy Norris is no ordinary grandmother. She is on a quest to ride her bike coast to coast to raise awareness and funds for the  Children of Fallen Special Operations Warriors foundation. This amazing foundation provides Educational Programs for children of Fallen Officers, Family Outreach Programs, and immediate financial assistance to families of severely wounded warriors.

Norris who lives in Nevada dubbed herself the cycling grandma. Her trip started in Washington State back in July with a total of 4,280 miles to the finish line at Cape Henlopen state park in Delaware. When she finishes she will set the Guinness World Record for being the oldest woman to do so!

At her stop in Duluth she spoke with FOX21 and said " So many people when they reach 65, or 67 like I am, they kind of give up. I was on the verge of that and you know what, you don’t have to give up. Live life and enjoy it." She initially began cycling for her health but now does it to raise money and explore the country.

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So far she is about halfway through her journey at about 1,600 miles in and 1,300 to go. She said she knows she is going to make it because she is in a rhythm now and is determined to make a difference in the lives of those kids.

She went on to say to FOX21:

I can see the finish line now, I just want to get there before it snows.

What an amazing lady and a huge inspiration to people of any age. We sure hope that you make it to Deleware before the snow flies as well, good luck and stay safe for the rest of your journey. You can follow along on her website at 

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