The Nearly Naked Ruck March resembles what service people do on their march. They do way more than 10 miles, and their pack carries what they will sleep with, eat, drink, clothing, and other things they will need at their location. This Ruck is the civilian version.Here's how it works. Hike 10 miles on Duluth's gorgeous lakewalk along the frozen Lake Superior in February! Wear your long underwear and carry a pack full of weight. The weight in your pack equals 1lbs for every $10 raised for 23rd Veteran (raise $400 and carry 40lbs, or raise $2,000 as a team of ten, and each person on your team caries 20lbs). This weight represents the weight that they carry in the battle against combat stress.

Park in Canal Park on Saturday morning beginning at 8am for registration and bag pick-up. You "Step-Off"at 10am, hiking nearly 5 miles to Duluth East High School, turning around and hiking back for a total of approximately 10 miles. There are optional turn-around points along the way. Visit their website or facebook page.

Costs for tickets go towards:

  • Registration bags
  • Beanie hat
  • T-shirt
  • Challenge coin
  • Insurance

All left-overs and all money raised goes directly to 23rd Veteran, our 501c3 nonprofit creating a long-term transition for veterans. You can donate, register, or volunteer.

Join them Friday night the 24th for music, cash bar, silent auction, and a short presentation from 23rd Veteran!! FREE with the purchase of a ruck march registration.

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