This is an event for all people to experience what it is like to do the 10-mile march that the military do all the time to help our returning vets. This year on March 28th.

In the Nearly Naked Ruck March, you march with the same things in your backpack that the military does, everything you need to eat, drink, your clothing, and other things they will need at their location. This Ruck is the civilian version and a fundraiser for 23rd Veteran.

23rd Veteran, a Duluth area nonprofit organization, will host the annual Duluth Nearly Naked Ruck March on Saturday, March 28th around Enger Tower on Skyline Pkwy wearing nothing but boots, hats, gloves, and long underwear and even some Superhero outfits. It won't be 10 miles, only a one-mile scenic march.

The whole reason for this event is because thousands of military members have died in service, not to mention the over 130,000 veterans that have committed suicide. This fundraising event will allow local veterans to participate in a 14- week reconditioning program to live happier and more successful in our civilian society. 23rd Veteran helps veterans recondition for civilian life through the program called 23V Recon. It costs $2,300 to send one veteran through this life-changing program. All money fundraised by the Nearly Naked Ruck March goes directly to supporting 23V Recon.

Here's my terrible attempt at the Nearly Naked Ruck March a couple of years ago.

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