Urban Dictionary is a website that is set up so anyone can submit definitions for words or phrases. The site is known for... let's just say 'creative' definitions. I wanted to see what the definitions were for Duluth and Superior.

The number one submission described Duluth as "A Cold ass town on a hill where you can't get lost. All you have to do is pop the clutch and let the car coast and you'll find your way to Lake Superior. The two major Duluthian Pasttimes are Getting Drunk and Getting Frostbite."

OK, I laughed at the past times part. I will say that I have tested out how far I can coast down some of the steeper roads.

Well let's see what the top submission for Superior, WI says:

"A town in which the bar-people ratio is almost even."

Simple and to the point. Superior seems to get a bad rep around here, but as a resident of Superior now, I don't think it's bad at all.

So what do you guys think? Are these accurate descriptions or are people exaggerating?

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