Lugging your suitcase around the airport may very well be much a part of the past as using the word "stewardess."

Modobag is quicker than walking, in line with the TSA and FAA, fits into a carry-on compartment and can charge your devices. So when you're rushing to make your flight, you can drive through the airport instead of running while hauling a cumbersome bag.

We've certainly come a long way with luggage, haven't we. First, there were those colossal bags that you threw out your back lifting, then someone put wheels on the bottom of them so you could roll them around. And now we've motorized them, so you can ride them around.

Why stop here, though? Why not put a little propeller on them so they can fly like a drone? Or, better yet, how about giving them some wings, so you can fly the bag to your final destination and meet it when you get there, too?

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