Who hasn't watched the Aerial Lift Bridge go up and down and wonder, who lives in the house on the bridge, and wouldn't it be cool to be the person that runs the bridge? Well, you could.

There is an opening for the Bridge Operator right now. You could make some good money and all you have to do is sit up there and honk at boats, harass people that won't get off the Bridge, turn on the stoplights, and ring the bridge bell.

Ok, so there is more to it than that, actually much more, you do have to have some education. Darn it!! That means I have to keep my radio job.

According to the press release and duluthmn.gov, here is what they are looking for.

 Job Summary:

The Bridge Operator ensures safe passage of ships, pedestrians, and motorists by operating and maintaining lift bridges, and related equipment.

Minimum Qualifications:

One (1) year of specialized electrical training, plus two (2) years of experience working with large electrically operated machinery; OR three (3) years of experience working with complex mechanized equipment; OR one (1) year of experience working with computer-controlled electrical equipment; OR a combination of education, training, and experience in the areas described within the classification description which is accepted as equivalent

Besides some of those listed above, the full list is available by clicking here

Obtaining Applications: Application packets and veterans’ preference forms are available at the Human Resources Office (411 West First Street Room 313, Duluth, MN 55802, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays except holidays).

According to duluthmn.gov: APPLICATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 4:30 PM LOCAL TIME ON THE CLOSING DATE OF JANUARY 30, 2015. Job applicants must meet all minimum qualifications by the closing date of the application period. The complete job description is included in the application packet. Applications can be submitted to the Human Resources Office in person, by mail, or as an email attachment to hrinformation@duluthmn.gov. It is the responsibility of the applicant to verify that the application is on file on or before the closing date.

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