This morning I was scrolling social media and came across a picture that has now overtaken my whole morning because the color of the shoe changed on me.

Take a look at this picture and tell me what color you think the shoe is.

Now when I first looked at this picture, I saw a pink and white shoe. No big deal, right?. Then about an hour later I saw the same exact tweet (you cannot edit tweets at all so I know it was the exact same picture) and it was now a seafoam green and grey shoe!

OK... Now this just got personal. Do we have another "what color is this dress" situation on our hands? I went through the whole office this morning and took a poll to see what everyone thought the color the shoe was. I would say it was as close to 50/50 as it could be. I had people side by side telling me it was different colors and then arguing with each other. I think I might have accidentally started minor conflicts between coworkers.

So now I have to ask the public opinion. What color do you think the shoe is? The fun part is you should come back to this later on today or tomorrow and see if the color changes for you.

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