Wayne Nelson and the rest of the Little River Band are coming November 14th (Thursday) to perform. This version of the band comes with two things for you to enjoy. They take the music seriously and know they have the responsibility to play the songs the way you remember them, and to add something to them so you have a once in a lifetime experience at their show.

I had the chance to talk to Wayne, and he was the guy I wanted to talk to. He loves what he does, he has a pure appreciation for the music he listens to and the music he plays. He also talked about the new music Little River Band has finished and offered to the public to carry on the name and the reputation of the band for writing memorable melodies and coming up with new material to stay relevant in a business that can forget about you in a week.

The great part about the Little River Band is the fact that they don't have to be fighting, they don't have to shock, and they don't have to get dirty with their lyrics in order to write a great love song. They still play as a band, they still sing all the melodies, how do you know that statement is true, Wayne says, "Come and see the show, the harmonies are really us".

Thanks to Wayne for the time and for answering questions that he didn't know where coming his way.

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Here's the interview with extra that didn't make the radio.

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