Let me just say the most pleasant surprise of the night besides LRB sounding dead on perfect like the records. Don't Panic! was the perfect opening act. They came out and went all over the place with styles and types of music. From the Beatles to AC/DC.

I found myself listening to every song and wound up not hearing someone yelling at me to take a picture with me. I want to say hi to everyone that had a kind word.

Back to Little River Band, they were incredibly nice guys. I was happy, because sometimes you have a picture in your head who and what they are like, and they were like that. Their show was polished and yet was fun too.

You could tell these guys enjoy playing together and they get into the music still. You could tell just by the way they interacted with the crowd. Thanks for a great evening guys and thanks to Twinportsnightlife.com for a great partnership.

All Pictures are Chris Allen

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