When you are a fan of a band when you meet them there are expectations that they are a nice person and your experience with them will be something to remember. That has been my experience with The Little River Band.

This is the second time I have spoken to Wayne and I enjoy talking with him. Last year when LRB visited Duluth the guys in the band "get it". I mean, they are nice guys and know how to give you a show to remember, with all the songs you remember. They add stuff on and at first you are trying to think of what song it is.....then the guitar will play the familiar lick that you remember and you know the song.

lrb album
album cover art

Little River Band is proud to bring out a new album "Cuts Like A Diamond" and will play some tunes from it. Last year they surprised us with one new track from the collection and it hadn't been released yet.

Don't Panic will open up the show with a variety of songs that read like a KOOL 101.7 playlist, they really put on a great show and in my opinion they got the crowd ready for LRB because the crowd was pumped and made it easier for LRB to come out and rock it hard.

Thanks for the great interview Wayne....see ya Thursday November 13.



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