There are some weeks you wonder if he does have a cape underneath his jersey.

Aaron Rodgers is in the grasp of the defense and you think he is going to throw it away, but the pass winds up being a pinpoint, tight pass in the corner of the end zone. Mic drop from Aaron Rodgers.

I have to admit at the beginning of the year when I heard all the bickering and criticizing Aaron Rodgers was doing of Matt Lafleur and the new system he was bringing with him, I wasn't sure we would be at this point in the season with Aaron doing so well. So, the problem Aaron had with Matt's system was that it was cut and dry and didn't allow for changing at the line, something Aaron is very well known for and very good at.

Of course, Aaron had already proved himself and Matt did not. So, the fans were on the side of Aaron Rodgers. After all, many fans had seen changes is systems the made a star have a bad year. If Aaron Rodgers had a bad year that means the Packers would have a bad year. Aaron pretty much is the team.

But here we are, the record is 7-1, and it doesn't seem like much has changed.

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