Green Bay Packers fans must be ecstatic to know that Aaron Rodgers is back in town for mini-camp and looks like he is good to go to be the starting quarterback for the upcoming season. As many of you may remember last year at this time Rodgers was a no-show at mini-camp making many fans worried he was leaving the team.

According to "The trouble with Rodgers and the Packers seemingly began when GM Brian Gutekunst traded up to draft quarterback Jordan Love in 2020 instead of selecting a playmaker to help Rodgers, all without letting Rodgers know the team could draft his apparent successor."

But here we are a year later and Rodgers seems all smiles as he graciously greeted a young fan who knew exactly who he was.  Packers fan Alyssa Proffitt was grocery shopping with her young daughter at  Fresh Thyme Farmers Market in Ashwaubenon Wisconsin when they spotted Rodgers doing a little shopping himself.

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As you can see from the Tweet above this adorable little girl seemed so excited to see him in person. The fan base in Green Bay starts young that is for sure. According to USA Today Profitt said:

Our reaction to the reception this tweet is receiving is, that we just really appreciate Aaron taking the time to talk with us and being gracious enough to allow me to take pictures. She loves football and she recognized him right away. Forever thankful for this.

It is good to see Rodgers back at mini-camp and he seems to be glad to be back also. Well unless you are a Vikings fan that is. So here is to looking forward to another season of football, but not too soon, it was a very long winter and I for one am going to try and enjoy every minute of summer.

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