It's been a roller coaster ride for Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley and it looks like they are calling it quits for the very last time.

For some reference before we dive into just why they are done for good, let's take a walk down memory lane. It was back in February of 2021 that we learned that the two were engaged, although the two hadn't gone public with their relationship despite speculation they were dating.

Rodgers dropped the bomb he was engaged while accepting the MVP Award on national television. After it was all out there, the two went very public, posting photos and videos of each other on social media and even doing their first interview together at Disney.

These public displays of affection were paired with drama surrounding Rodgers career. Behind the scenes, he was supposedly feuding with the Green Bay Packers, something his wife-to-be seemingly confirmed with one simple tweet.

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Things came to a screeching halt when news spread that the two had called it quits. Days after Valentine's Day this year, reports stated that the two had broken up and called off their engagement. The reason? Rodgers was putting his football career first and they weren't spending time together.

Shortly after news broke, he posted a cryptic and apologetic post on Instagram. In it, he thanked his ex-lover for showing him the meaning of unconditional love and shared a photo of them cuddling. Needless to say, it was confusing.

Thus, the roller coaster began, with the two being spotted out on a date together after news of their called-off engagement broke. They were also spotted at a wedding together and reports said they were back on and working it out.

Sigh. I guess that whole working it out thing didn't work because a new report says they have officially called it quits. People Magazine broke the news on Tuesday (April 26th), writing that she felt everything was on Rodger's terms and she wasn't happy.

It isn't all bad though: the report also says there is no bad blood and they ended on good terms. The same report also says they are very different people and have very busy careers. I guess all is well that ends well.

People were quick to make jokes that Woodley did not want to leave her California lifestyle for the cold in Wisconsin but of course, we won't ever know for sure.

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