This is an brilliant version of "Thunderstruck", no vocals just one acoustic guitar and the fingers of Luca Stricagnoli. Even if you aren't an AC/DC fan you will dig this offering.

I also love the place he shot the video, it gives a dark feeling to the music. It's an amazing arrangement and played perfectly.

According to his bio on CandyRat Records, Luca was born in 1991 in Varese, Italy. Since he was a young boy he’s been naturally talented with the guitar. He began studying classical guitar at ten and after a short break, taught himself new techniques, which he then perfected and developed his personal original styles, that include unconventional guitar techniques in addition to other instruments. Today at the age of 23, he is working on his album debut.

I am reminded of my favorite guitarist Eddie Van Halen who taught himself guitar too.

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