There's a lot of talk about the war on Christmas these days - with many who aim to be more politically-correct trying to whisk the reason for the season under the rug.  While you could look at this modern-day battle in America as a recent development, it isn't.  In fact - the war against Christmas has been waged since the colonial days of our country.

The first settlers of the "New World" were the Puritans - whose religious views were largely Protestant in nature.  When Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church, his teachings placed a large value on direct translation of the Bible.  Because the writings in the Bible don't refer to specific religious holidays, many followers didn't celebrate them.  The Puritans fell into this camp.

Although later settlers came to recognize the Christmas holiday, it wasn't until the late 1700's and early 1800's that the nation as a whole came to largely celebrate Christmas.

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