There's a video being shared on Facebook that shows how to clean your old yellow headlight covers with bug spray containing DEET to get a fresh new look. You may want to wait to try that until you watch this.

It does work, but there are some other hazards that could harm your car, and the finish will not last, and there's a reason why. Watch the following video and you will see. The other thing I've noticed is that it melts the plastic. You can see how it works because the guy in the video touches the finish and his finger sticks and his fingerprint appears.

The bug spray is also bad for the paint. When you are done and the light looks great, the rain will wash the bug spray onto the paint and then your paint will either melt or be ruined. It also ruins the rubber around the light. So, you can see it is not an idea that seems good.

The same guy has a video to show you how to clean it directly, he even tells you the cost. Only $10 per headlight. Considering how much headlights cost, that seems like a bargain. He shows you which products to buy. You can also buy the equivalent if you are partial to a certain brand.

Believe it or not, you have to use sandpaper, and there is also a spray you use to shine up the plastic and protect it. Sometimes people jump on the bandwagon without checking into the trend to see if it's any good.

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