Between my kitchen that is a laminate looking wood but still warps when it gets wet and my camper floor that is filthy, I would go through half a bottle of 409 and two whole rolls of paper toweling. I was at a lost and would procrastinate because it was a knee and back breaker.  Now I have clean floors at a fraction of the work.

We were visiting with our friends, Dave and Kathy when I commented on how great her floors looked.  She said she had just gotten done steam mopping.  WHAT????  My ears went up like a German Shepard that just heard a rabbit.  She showed us hers and explained how they work and I knew I had to get myself one.

There are several ones to choose from and to be clear, this is not a review, because I have nothing to compare it to, this is my first.  There were several to choose from at all different price ranges.  I was wanting to go with the higher priced one (I really wanted this to work out!) but my hubby talked me into a middle of the road one.

We chose a Bissel and it went together quickly, although we were missing one screw for the handle that the instructions indicated we'd have.  We found one that worked and we were off and cleaning.  I was on the phone for a bit and in that time my husband steam mopped the whole kitchen floor.  It looked great and it was so fast.

It was my turn to steam clean the camper.  I'll admit it's been a while since I cleaned it because the floor doesn't show the dirt, but I know how much we drag in when we're camping.  Let's just say the steam mop comes with two mop pads and the first one picked up copious amounts of dirt, we could actually watch the floor get brighter.  We went through it a second time with the other mop pad and it picked up more dirt.  I'm thrilled with my steamer mop!  I had never given them a thought, never thought it was an option, but I'm happy to say a steamer mop has changed my life, my floors, and is much easier on the body.

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