This is a scam that would only work in 2020. The Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about a scam involving Clorox and Lysol branding.

It is no secret that cleaning supplies have been in short supply at times this year, especially at the start of the pandemic. Even now, some stores are implementing a limit per customer for certain cleaning supplies and essentials, as things like wipes and bleach remain in high demand.

With some supplies still in high demand, the Federal Trade Commission is warning consumers about a new scam that takes advantage of those trying to get their hands on some.

How it works is simple: scammers are taking imaging and logos from real-life brands that are even more in the spotlight than ever at this time. Those two brands are Clorox and Lysol. Scammers are creating fake websites to sell the products that are in high demand.

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The reason this scam seems legitimate is because scammers are using real product images from the brands mentioned and using their names in the web address. The only problem is that they aren't actually selling the brand-name products.

If you are looking for cleaning supplies online, make sure you do extra research and verify where you are purchasing the goods from. You should also pay by credit card in the event that it is a scam, which will make it easier to get a refund.

Scammers have continued to do their thing in 2020, taking advantage of the pandemic to scam people out of money and gather personal information for their own gain. The latest COVID-19 related scam to be reported involves a victim being asked for their personal information under the guise that it relates to a vaccination.

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